A Naptime Circuit Workout

^^Great Harvest Apple Dapple bread with almond butter = my ultimate pre-workout breakfast

I have figured out that, like coffee, I really need a workout in the morning to get my endorphins flowing for the day. Recently I had an 8:30 pm soccer game and sat around all day in anticipation. (The weather was awful or I would have tried for a mid-day walk with Birch.) By 4 pm I was sooooo grumpy. I realized that on the days when I don’t leave the house, I really need a good indoor naptime workout to boost my mood. I have experimented with doing blog work during first morning nap and working out later in the day (aka showering first and then getting in a clean sweat later in the day.) But if I ever have a choice, I much prefer a mid-morning workout. The endorphins set the tone for the rest of the day!

So once Birch was settled into his crib…

I went downstairs to the treadmill and set up a circuit workout for the next hour. (I got lucky that B slept for 1.5 hours – so I even had time for a quick shower!) I had so much fun with this I wanted to share!

Set One

For the first 10 minutes I walked to a podcast for my warmup. This gets the podcast/relax itch out of my system and puts me juuuuust in the mood for a higher intensity.

Set Two

Next I put on a 13 minute upper body strength set from Aaptiv. This one for my Aaptiv friends:

It was a combo of cardio moves that involved strength, like burpees and mountain climbers. Loved the music in this set too!

Set Three

Thirdly I hopped back on the tread and did a quick run – I think it was about a mile. I loved how Ed coached me to add a little speed every minute until I was running fairly fast. At this point I was sweating!

Set Four

At this point I was 30 minutes in, so I felt like I’d gotten the hard part over and switched to a nice guided yoga flow to stretch a bit. My mind only had the attention span for 8 minutes of yoga! (Oh the irony of yoga.)

Set Five

Little B was still sleeping, so I decided to hop back on the treadmill to cool down with a bit more podcast walking. My all-time favorite podcast is the Dave Ramsey Show. While I do love personal finance, what I like most about it is the Q&A format. I can jump into any episode at any time and just start listening for 10 minutes here or there without feeling like I have to listen to a whole topical podcast from start to finish. Sometimes I hesitate to start podcasts because I know I won’t have time to finish the topic, but DR’s podcast is one you can take in minute by minute.

Here’s my Apple Watch report from my workout. It was a good one! I think it’s cool how you can see each set by heart rate in the graph – warm up, up and down HIIT, fast run peak, a dip for slow yoga, and my final walk.

You’ve heard me say it before, but there is no way I would have gotten this creative without all of the Aaptiv workouts at my fingertips. They really do make home workouts fun and way more challenging than me on my own! I like stringing together treadmill + strength but I would love it they created more varied kind of workouts too.

When B was up he did his own little workout – some tummy time. He’s getting to tolerate it a bit more, but he’s still not totally into his tummy and doesn’t seem all that close to rolling over.

I was extra hungry for lunch and had this huge salad: greens, sweet potato, feta, spiced pecans, pita chips and quiche. Yup, quiche on top! I sliced it up and ate it bite by bite.

I feel a little repetitive always raving about home workouts these days, but they have been SO GOOD for my mental health this winter with a little baby and I just can’t not share! I am also getting so much closer to buying a new treadmill. My belt continues to stick really badly, and I priced a replacement one and it’s more than I want to spend not knowing if it will even solve the problem. I think a new tread is in the cards, but I don’t want to spend more than $1,000, ideally less than that. (Sadly Woodway and Peloton are out of the budget!)

My requirements:

  • Solid feel for running
  • One-touch incline and speed buttons (you know, you just push 7 and it goes to speed 7)
  • Less than $1,000
  • Delivery AND ASSEMBLY available for purchase/included

I know I have asked for recs before, but does anyone have one they love? I’ve been reading reviews and it sure is overwhelming!

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