Chakra Balancing: Harmony for Body, Mind, & Soul

The Chakra System is the core of the subtle energy body. The flow of chi, prana, or life force moves through the many chakras and nadis to connect the subtle

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energy body with the physical body.

Chakras are energy vortexes that process our energy. They filter, focus, receive, and disperse energy. We focus on the seven major chakras but it is worth noting that there are many minor chakras and ethereal chakras as well.

The nadis are the energy channels that link the chakras together as well as linking to the physical body. Kind of like the circulatory system with the arteries veins, and capillaries. There a 3 major nadis the Ida, Pangela, and Sushumna. They run parallel to the spinal column and connect the major chakras.

Working with your subtle energy system is a cornerstone for well being. By bringing your chakras into balance working with them regularly you promote wellness and aide healing or the act of returning to a state of balance.

This is especially important when you find yourself in an environment or situation that is negative or fear based. Let’s face it as much as we would like to live in a state of harmony in today’s world that is very difficult. Your chakras are continually processing energy all energy including that low vibration energy.

As these energy centers get blocked different symptoms manifest, that’s why cleansing on a regular basis is essential. Daily cleansing and balancing of the chakras is easy and very quick and it yields big results. You keep the energy moving before it has a chance to get ‘stuck’ in your subtle energy system.

There are many methods to balance and cleanse the chakra. The quickest and easiest method is to direct your breath to each chakra for three breaths while visualizing the color for that chakra infusing in positive energy on the inhale and moving out any slow or blocked energy on the exhale. The colors are as follows:

Root – Red

Sacral – Orange

Solar Plexus – Yellow

Heart – Green

Throat – Blue

Third Eye – Indigo

Crown – Violet

End by moving the breath up through all of the chakras and visualizing a rainbow cascading all around you when you exhale. Repeat this three times.

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