Cheryl S.

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I purchased Grain Brain back in 2014 after being treated for some mental health issues, as I was looking out for alternative, holistic ways of managing my bipolar depression along with using the proper medication. The book was introduced to me by my brother, who follows the paleo diet, and it seemingly made a lot of sense. I hadn’t realized how much nutrition could influence mood. In February 2019, I started feeling depressed again but for some reason kept delaying my ECT treatments. Finally, at the beginning of July, I decided to do a series of ECT. At the same time I got off of  sugar and grains, and went gluten-free and ketogenic. I started exercising daily for one hour (shooting basketballs and weight training).

The results? My head felt clearer and I was becoming more productive and creative. My relationships deepened and I was making new friends. Now, life has never been better! I started a nonprofit organization that will bring underserved minorities and people addressing mental health issues together with artists who will donate their time in helping them create and collaborate on art projects with their community. I will also suggest that they try a gluten- and grain-free diet and recommend your book.

-Cheryl S.

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