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I am a busy mom of 2, 40 years old, and own my own business. I enjoy lifting weights and doing cardio several days a week. I eat healthy, read labels etc. What I’m trying to say is that I’m very health conscious. However, for the past few years my energy levels, brain fog and binge eating have been increasingly worse. I have tweaked my diet (serval times), seen a naturopath, changed my workout routine and increased and improved my sleep. Nothing worked.

I would forget everything. I cant remember a conversation I just had. I set alarms everyday to pick up my son from school so I don’t forget him.  I would want to fall asleep at 6pm at night because I am so physically and mentally drained. I have anxiety at night with my son (dinner time and feeding him, he is picky and has temper tantrums) and continue to binge eat all night long. I struggle with food cravings, I’m always eating.

And this has been my life for the past few years…until I discovered Grain Brain.

 I have cut out wheat, gluten, dairy and sweeteners/sugar. I feel amazing, I have a clear mind. In fact, I feel it getting clearer everyday. I think I forgot what it was like to have a clear head! I am starting to remember where I put things, or a conversation I just had. The brain fog is completely gone. My uncontrollable food cravings are gone, I’m eating less, I’m not binge eating or getting stressed out at dinner time, I simply eat – like a normal person. I wake up with a clear mind and I feel good about me. I feel balanced, something I have always struggled with.


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