Desktop Wallpapers And Error Pages

Old used to serve thousands of desktop backgrounds or computer wallpapers and had been doing so for over a decade. The site was officially categorized though as a health site and was for sale. Our site’s current owners purchased the site directing that a content change be implemented to focus on health reviews, diets, fitness programs and supplements. The new includes a fitness tracker, user forums, recipes, weight tracker, event planner and hundreds of articles all dedicated to the overall health of the visitor.

Why Leave Wallpapers Behind?

Today’s users may search for a wallpaper but are unlikely to return to that site for any thing again. It’s a one stop service, which limits the site’s ability to grow a dedicated user base. Wallpaper images that in the past may have been copyrighted. Finally the storage space and bandwidth required to deliver and showcase thousands of large images requires more resources than a typical site.

We've Moved

The original images used to make the old are still available. You may visit to review these images.

Site Health Content

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