Genomics, Sambucas, and Andrographis – COVID-19

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One of the questions on everyone’s minds has to do with why some people have such a tough time with this COVID-19 infection. Yes, we know that the elderly and people with underlying medical conditions are more likely to have serious complications, but we certainly see plenty of seemingly healthy individuals with significant issues as well.

Might there be genomic influences on outcome? It looks like this may well be the case. And this is the subject of our discussion with Harvard-trained Dr. Sharon Hausman-Cohen on The Empowering Neurologist.

In addition to our review of the role of genomics as it relates to a person’s response to coronavirus infection, Dr. Hausman-Cohen reveals some very interesting data about the role of two natural supplements, Sambucas ­and Andrographis, in immunity as well as viral infections specifically.

Please enjoy this program.

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