Introducing the Evidence-Based Eating Guide

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One of the most common requests we get is for some type of practical guide to healthy eating that health practitioners can hand out in their offices or people can use at tabling events. That was part of my goal in writing How Not to Die. I took thousands of videos and boiled them down into a scant little… 562 page book. Hard to carry around 50 of those in your backpack!

So I am excited to announce a brand-new resource from, a summary of my practical tips in booklet form, our new Evidence-Based Eating Guide. It includes a summary of my Traffic Light system and Daily Dozen checklist, as well as tips for putting them into practice—even a couple of sample meal plans.

Get it right here. There’s a digital download link and print-friendly version. We’re hoping to also have an on-demand print option set up next month so you can order pre-printed glossy copies (at cost). 


Daily Dozen Challenge 2.0

To help you get that Daily Dozen checklist ticked off every day, we’ve re-launched our popular Daily Dozen Challenge to help more people discover how easy it is to fit some of the healthiest of healthy foods into their daily routine. I kicked it off this year by publicly challenging five of my friends and you to try to check off all the Daily Dozen servings for one day. Then you challenge more people, and on and on, and soon lots of people will be eating healthy foods! 

To see who I challenged this year head over here. For inspiration, search the #dailydozenchallenge hashtag on Instagram, or watch some of the videos we have shared in a challenge playlist on YouTube.  

Join in the fun by: 

  1. Accepting the Challenge: Pick a day to eat the Daily Dozen, and then release your own public announcement asking others to do it.
  2. Posting a picture or video about your experience and tagging 3 more people to challenge them: Use hashtags #HowNotToDie and #DailyDozenChallenge in your announcement post and ask others to do the same. Let people know they can track their Daily Dozen on our free iPhone and Android apps. You can challenge 3 people personally, or ask all of your friends!
  3. Donating: If you or your “challengees” are unable to complete the Daily Dozen challenge you can ask them to consider donating $12 to help spread this life-changing, life-saving info to others.

If you don’t have it yet, my cookbook has tons of green-light recipes to help reach the Daily Dozen (all my proceeds from all my books go to charity). There are also a few dozen free recipes right here on 


Hiring: Web Developer

Our end-of-year fundraising campaign was such a smashing success (thanks to you!), we’re excited to offer a new job opening. We’re hiring a part-time staff person to work remotely with our CTO on day-to-day tasks including web development, maintenance, and administration of the website. For a full job description and application, go here.


In health,

Michael Greger, M.D.

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