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Terms Of Service

UltimteSEO.ORG is a free resource made publicly available to anyone and without contract for future availability.  Click privacy policy for our privacy policy.

Information Accuracy

Although the site intends to provide accurate information on every article its important to realize the subject matter.  SEO is largely making observations and experiments to obtain an educated idea or guess as to how search engine’s rank sites.  There is no warranty from this site or the authors as to the accuracy of this information.  Ultimately we encourage everyone to review official Google statements on the topics discussed on this site as the authority on the matter.


This site operating as a free service does not promise continued services.  Services, tools and the site itself can be changed, altered, removed, upgraded and monetized at anytime by  If these changes will affect the free nature of the site UltimateSEO offers a 30 day courtesy notice that will be displayed on the site’s homepage.

Revoking Access

Access to the site can be revoked for any reason, any time, without notice.  No agreements or contracts through 3rd parties such as Upwork should be seen as guarenting anyone continued access.  This site is beyond the scope of all projects and contracts.

Content Ownership

UltimateSEO.ORG owns all content on this site except for content reposted via RSS feed.  This includes all comments and guest posts made directly through the site.  UltimateSEO.ORG retains ownership of all images, text, audio, video a person places on the site.  UltimateSEO offers members the ability to delete their membership and provides the ability to delete all prior contributed content with this membership deletion as a courtesy. If content remains after a deletion UltimateSEO retains ownership of the content and at its discretion may remove it.