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  • 2 Essential Techniques For Getting Back To Your Workouts

    For most people, it’s not if you’ll fall off your workouts, it’s when. Believe it or not, it’s not an indictment on your character – it just is. But getting back to your workouts needs attention, just like […]

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    How Fit Women Can Counterattack Midlife Weight Gain

    Hey there. It’s me, badass midlife woman lifter. But I’m not pretending to have the perfect body. Midlife weight gain is stalking me like an ambush predator. It’s been like a surprise attack to see […]

  • Strength Training after a Mastectomy

    It had been about six months since my breast reconstruction surgery and bilateral prophylactic mastectomy. I was at the gym, following an old training program I wrote. Back to training for months, I’d mostly avoided chest training. I […]

  • Under Pressure: What’s New on BFR & Compression Gear? Of Swollen Legs, Arterial Stiffness & Improved Bone Health

    Is it all about pressure? Compression stocking and BFR cuffs revisited.You will remember that I've covered the use of #BFR, i.e. blood-flow restriction in several articles over the past years. The number of posts on #compression stockings, on the other hand, is limited with only one dealing with the acute anti-heavy-leg effect of 'oma's socks' in the evening.Today's special will address both, the latest research in everything tight... ;-) Ok, before the ambiguity gets out of hand, let's check out some of the latest studies:BFR and Hypoxia Training are different from training w/ compression garmentsBFR, Cortisol & GH ResponsesBFR - Where are we now?BFR as Add-On to Classic LiftsBFR for Injured AthletesBFR B4 Workouts = WIN!?BFR + Cardio = GainZ?In healthy young women, compression stockings may have acute beneficial effects on lower leg swelling and muscle stiffness (Sugahara 2018): While previous trials have often yielded ambiguous results, the latest paper by scientists Read More
  • How do trainers work? Meet Matt Kite from D1 Sports

    As a well-rounded athlete who had coaches for role models, Matt Kite is now a respected coach himself. In fact, Matt is the Director of Education at D1 Sports Training, where he not only inspires and empowers athletes and general fitness clients, but also coaches other coaches. With his striking certifications as a USA Weightlifting Level 1 […]

  • 10 Best Personal Training Books

    A book can be a crucial resource for wannabe fitness gurus out there, so we’ve compiled a list of the 10 Best Personal Training Books, plus links to purchase each one. Whether you’re an aspiring personal trainer, about to start your own fitness business, or just want to brush up on your training knowledge, take […]

  • 4 Effortless Strategies to Help You Win at Business

    In a recent team meeting, our CEO shared his notes from Steve Blank‘s book, The Four Steps to the Epiphany: Successful Strategies for Products that Win. Here’s what stood out to us: Learn how to focus on clients over the product. In the early stages of a startup, focusing solely on “execution” will put you out of […]

  • Booty Blast 2 Week Challenge

    The Booty Blast is back on July 17th! We did this challenge last year and it was a favorite, so we are bringing it back with updated workouts! I am so excited to emphasize the back body for this 2 week challenge. As a modern culture, we usually spend far too much time sitting, rounding…

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