Run A 5K This Summer

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I turned 40 this year which in and of itself is not a newsworthy opener but it sticks in my head like its earth shattering. In my mind I’m still an early twenties active young man, who ran.

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I ran with so little effort that my father once questioned how good I’d be if I would try to break a sweat in a race. I always coasted through and was more interested in finishing than winning. I enjoyed the people watching. My coach in cross country once remarked that if I had half the drive that another teammate had and if he had half my talent we’d be a great team. Underhanded compliment but it frames how others perceived my potential and my commitment.

These aren’t true as much now that I’m 40. I’d suspect the drive has improved while the talent has aged. I still though enjoy the people watching and I still never run trying to win…only to finish. Pacing is a lot easier when you ignore the speed of someone else, and often you will pass them a mile down the way walking, gasping for air. These goals in the end are the most important…not how others did, but how you did.

The race is long and often with yourself.

I got back into 5ks in my mid thirties and I’m glad I did. They add urgency and a purpose to your fitness efforts. I’d challenge anyone who wants to live healthier and who wants to loss weight or get out of the house to sign up this year for a 5k. No matter if you have run one before or not.

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Healthier You

Provides a goal and urgency

You’ll be healthier for it. While its just a 5k run, you’ll need at least a month of dedicated effort to sustain a jogging pace the whole way. That effort will be rewarded in muscle and weight loss.


You’ll feel confident in yourself after you complete the race. You had set a goal and worked toward it and while others may have dropped out in the race you kept with it and finished. That confidence is often the seed of your hunt for the second 5k race of your summer.

Support A Cause

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You can easily find a race that benefits a cause. Not just monetarily but with awareness. You’ll likely post a few pics on Facebook and some random friend of a friend might for the first time learn about an important organization or disease that can teach them greater compassion for others.

Team Building

Running isn’t a good team building sport, or is it? You can be a team of encouragement and you share the experience with someone. Shared experiences are what builds teams and any relationship.

So I’d encourage everyone on to review the 5k races in your area and sign up for one at least a month away. Then work daily to live a healthier you.

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