The Best Smoothie Bowl Toppings

I go nuts for contrasting texture combinations – creamy and crunchy, battery and chewy, frothy with crunchy on top. My ideal breakfast bowl (usually with a creamy base like yogurt, oatmeal or a smoothie) has to have a good crunchy ingredient on top. I think this is because contrasting textures reminds me of loaded ice creams with cookies (soft chew), toffee (hard crunch), or cookie dough (chewy) inside!

My love for smoothies didn’t begin until I started eating them in bowls with spoons and adding a little something crunchy on top. (Remember the term SIAB? “Smoothie in a bowl” long before it was cool!)

Dough Boy Smoothie

The above is a Dough Boy Smoothie! This is simply overnight oats blended into a smoothie in the morning. The flavor and texture are both like batter! I should have been calling it a Batter Boy Smoothie all these years. Because the oats soak up a lot of the milk, the texture is super thick. And I love the tang from the yogurt. See – it’s thick enough to support granola.

Biscotti Crumble

Next up was this smoothie topped with the best chocolate almond biscotti from BreadWorks! And extra handful of ice made this one like ice cream (especially with the lovely topping.)

Granola Bowl

Granola is always my go-to topping when I have it on hand. I love it when it sinks to the bottom, and it takes a really long time to get soggy. This guy had banana, peanut butter, yogurt, oats, and milk.

Yogurt Crunch

Last in line in this breakfast parade was a yogurt bowl with banana, granola, biscotti, and cinnamon. Total texture heaven.

{Magic Shell}

Remember coconut magic shell? This is probably the best smoothie topping there is – I must get some coconut butter to do it soon!

Snack Smoothie

When I do have a “plain” smoothie without toppings, which I tend to do for a snack more than a meal, I really love the simple banana, peanut butter, milk, and vanilla protein combination. With optional spinach! The frozen banana makes the texture fluffy and the peanut butter + vanilla combo reminds me of the inside of a Reese’s!

What’s your all-time favorite smoothie topping or are you a straw gal?

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