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  • Meet Ashton Roberts, AR Performance Training [Interview]

    Background Schimri Yoyo: Alright, well if you don’t mind, we’ll just jump right in.  I’m Schimri Yoyo [and] I’ve been writing with the now for a few months here. I just want to introduce, you Ashton Roberts, and your business, AR Performance Training to our audience. Ashton Roberts: Yeah. Schimri Yoy So, first of […] …

  • 5 Different Ways to Bench Press Like a Champ (Demo Videos)

    If you’ve never learned how to do a bench press before or you’re eager for some variations, look no further! Below, you’ll find videos and tips on how to perform five different versions of a bench press. These workouts vary in level of ability, and all versions will at least work your chest, shoulders, and […] …

  • The Run Experience’s Treadmill Workout for Beginners

    Staying consistent while starting a running program is the key to making running easier. And once running gets easier, it’s more likely to become a habit! Unfortunately, the weather doesn’t always care about your running goals. To make sure weather and other outdoor obstacles aren’t a factor, The Run Experience and I have designed this treadmill […]

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