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  • Antibiotics + Colon Cancer

    David Perlmutter M.D. – Empowering Neurologist: The food, the facts, the science to control your genetic destiny. No doubt, it is certainly exciting to read about advances in cancer treatment. However, at the same time it is vitally important to recognize what may underlie cancer so that we can target these causes with the hope of reducing risk. Colorectal cancer is on the rise, and in fact rates of colorectal cancer are increasing, quite dramatically, in younger patients, particularly over the past ten years. According to Darren Brenner, a molecular cancer epidemiologist at the University of Calgary in Canada, it was thought that with newer data the rise in colorectal cancer in younger patients would level off, but this has not been observed. He conducted a study that was recently published that showed the rate of colorectal cancer diagnoses among women under 50 has increased annually by nearly 4.5% (from Read More

  • Gut Bacteria and Their Role in Depression

    December of 2019 marks the publication of a new medical textbook, The Microbiome and the Brain (CRC Press). The text features chapters focused on a number of important topics, among them the role of gut bacteria in a variety of medical conditions including autism, multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease. The common theme throughout the book, as one would surmise from the title, is the relationship between the gut and brain health. The chapters have been written by some of the most well respected researchers and clinicians from around the world, and I am honored to be the editor-in-chief of this important contribution. One area in which the relationship between the gut and the brain that seems to be getting a lot of attention as of late focuses on how variations in the gut bacteria may ultimately contribute to alterations in mood. Specifically, there is currently a fairly in-depth pursuit to Read More