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  • The Best Smoothie Bowl Toppings

    I go nuts for contrasting texture combinations – creamy and crunchy, battery and chewy, frothy with crunchy on top. My ideal breakfast bowl (usually with a creamy base like yogurt, oatmeal or a smoothie) has to have a good crunchy ingredient on top. I think this is because contrasting textures reminds me of loaded ice…

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  • DIY Burlap Cabinet Curtains

    The Glass-Front Cabinet If you go way back into the KERF archives, you’ll find a home improvement post I wrote about adding burlap to a glass-front cabinet to hide what was inside. That cabinet is actually the shorter matching cabinet to our upstairs one. Both are from Crate + Barrel circa 2007! The upstairs, taller…

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  • Buffalos + Instant Pot Chuck Roast

    ^^Is that not the cutest outfit?! On the menu from Plenty – Buffalo Chicken Tacos with a cucumber yogurt dressing. I think I ate both of mine in about 5 minutes flat Instant Pot Chuck Roast We got a chuck roast from Butcher Box last month and put it to the test in the Instant…

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  • Marching Onward

    It’s Friday. It’s MARCH. Which means we are marching toward spring and summer and beach trips and playing outside and long warm days. I never want to wish away life, but February… just the worst. I’m glad it’s over! We have one month until our spring break trip to the Florida Keys. Hoping for some…

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  • Instant Pot Egg Salad

    This Instant Pot egg salad is now a weekly staple in our house. It’s SO easy and inexpensive and versatile and delicious and good for ya and all those happy things! Instant Pot How-To To make the eggs, I use the recipe I wrote about in this post. Go there and link through for the…

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  • The School Dance

    Hi friends! We are slated to have some yucky winter weather ’round here, but I have the false sense of spring because I bought a pair of rocking chairs for our front porch over the weekend. Fake it until you make it, right?! On Friday night I was Mazen’s date to his first school dance!…

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  • Jazzed-Up Bran Muffins

    I have been on a bran muffin kick since my taste buds were turned on by the Albemarle Baking Company box of treats our neighbors brought us when Birch was born. Exhibit A: During my research of consuming one half a giant muffin at a time, I discovered that the Mudhouse Coffee bran muffins are…

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