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  • Homemade Probiotic Toothpaste

    The majority of us were raised to trust that tooth rot and holes were basically our blame since we had eaten an excess of sweets and hadn’t brushed our teeth all around ok. Besides, they were irreversible. Wrong (for the most part)! Increasingly more proof recommends that just the eating treat part is in reality evident. Perceptions of numerous local populaces who ate customary weight control plans preceding the presentation of refined sugars and refined flour indicated they endured for all intents and purposes no tooth rot — notwithstanding when their teeth were ground down from eating coarse sustenances, in spite of never brushing their teeth or seeing a dental specialist (No, we are not proposing you imitate this; brushing your teeth is a standout amongst the best standard approaches to help shield your teeth from the physical impacts of eating a not exactly ideal eating routine). Diet, Bacteria and Read More

  • Laughing Gas for Sedation. Yes or No?

    Laughing gas is a common option to help patients relax before and during brief medical procedures. Both holistic and conventional authorities widely consider it a safe approach to sedation, particularly for children and laboring women.
    What is Laughing Gas?
    The scientific name for laughing gas is nitrous oxide. The chemical name is N2O.
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