Articles tagged with "Purpose-Filled Work & Life"

  • Vast Mind: 3 Ways to Open Beyond the Self-Concern of Our Small Mind

    By Leo Babauta Most of the time, we are caught up in what can be called “small mind”: the small world of self-concern, of wanting to get what we want and avoid what we don’t want. This is the cause of our suffering — always running to distraction, procrastinating, caught up in worries and fears, […] …

  • How to Do Your Scariest Tasks of the Day, with Joy

    By Leo Babauta In my Fearless Training Program, one of our members talked about how she gets a lot done during the day, but inevitably puts off her two scariest tasks, and doesn’t get them done. Does that sound familiar to you? Putting off the hardest tasks of the day is a common affliction for […] …

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