Articles tagged with "strength performance training"

  • Meet Josh Henkin, Co-Creator of Ultimate Sandbag Training [Interview]

    When starting your own fitness business, it’s always good to prepare well and to have a solid business plan. But sometimes, it helps to encounter some fortuitous circumstances on the way to making a fortune in fitness. Today, we’re talking to Josh Henkin who will discuss his lucrative accident in discovering and developing the technology […] …

  • Meet Tim Gojich, Owner of Fit For Life Gym [Interview]

    There is so much competing information about strength training these days. And a new dieting fad or nutrition craze seemingly pops up daily. If you decide to start your own fitness business in this oversaturated landscape, it can be difficult to navigate your way to a successful outcome. Today, we’re talking to Tim Gojich who […] …

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