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  • Doug H.

    David Perlmutter M.D. – Empowering Neurologist: The food, the facts, the science to control your genetic destiny. At 57 years-old and 460lbs, my father passed away. Watching this happen at 40, I knew I needed to turn my life around. Grain Brain, and a ketogenic lifestyle, did that for me. I went from 360 lbs. to ~250 lbs. in a couple years. I started with a modified keto diet, but as I saw results I continued to improve over a 3-year period to reach the optimal keto diet I am currently on, which is low-fat, high-protein, and extremely low-carb diet. As a lifestyle change, I have combined this with intense strength training. I feel 18 again, and can keep up with anyone else in the gym without needing carbs. I recover exceptionally well and my joints feel great. Best of all, my body is dropping fat fast. I’m almost in a Read More

  • Saccharin

    The Case Against Saccharin

  • Get To Know Ghrelin: The Hunger Hormone

    What does a hunger hormone do?
    The post Get To Know Ghrelin: The Hunger Hormone appeared first on Nutrition Stripped. …

  • artificial sweeteners health

    The Effects of Artificial Sweeteners

    Trying to lose weight? You’re most likely searching for the best ways to minimize the calories in your daily diet. One option is to use no-calorie sweeteners to create a calorie deficit. But are artificial sweeteners really a tool for weight loss or do they lead to potential weight gain? Many healthy eaters are concerned about using artificial sweeteners. Artificial Sweeteners There are many options to choose from when it comes to artificial sweeteners. Certain ones offer zero calories while others provide a minimal amount that will likely make no difference to your overall daily calorie intake. These are some of the popular brands: Nutrasweet, Equal or Sugar Twin (Aspartame): 200 times sweeter than sugar Sweet and Low, Sweet Twin, Sweet’N Low, Necta Sweet (Saccharin): 200-700 times sweeter than sugar Truvia, PureVia, Enliten (Stevia variations): 200-400 times sweeter than sugar Splenda (Sucralose): 600 times sweeter than sugar Sweet One, Sunett Read More

  • keto diet and body image

    Keto Weight Loss & Body Image Talk

    I passed by a mirror recently and was surprised at what went through my mind. I’d love to hear your thoughts on body image, scales and mirrors, whether it discourages or ENcourages you, and if you’re like me: and can feel GREAT and totally DEflated all in the same day?! lol…

  • Cougar Healthy Lifestyle

    How Fit Women Can Counterattack Midlife Weight Gain

    Hey there. It’s me, badass midlife woman lifter. But I’m not pretending to have the perfect body. Midlife weight gain is stalking me like an ambush predator. It’s been like a surprise attack to see […]

  • Garcinia Cambogia

    Garcinia Cambogia Garcinia Cambogia Extract is presently in higher demand throughout the western world because researchers and fat burning specialists have declared it to be of terrific worth for people trying to drop weight. Its name Garcinia cambogia is a former scientific label made renowned just recently by the media explosion surrounding its newly found […]