Unhack Your Brain: Getting Back to Nature

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Today, we’re releasing the first video in a three part series about unhacking your brain.

As you’ll discover in Brain Wash, getting back to nature is one of eight key ways we can work to break free of Disconnection Syndrome.

It just makes sense that nature exposure would be good for the brain and the body, right? Well, not only does it sound logical but the science says it is so. Austin and I were impressed to discover the volume of scientific literature supporting this benefits of nature exposure, and that’s why we’ve made it a critical part of our Brain Wash program.

In the first episode of Unhack Your Brain, we review some of this latest science on this, explore how time outside impacts the brain and decision making, and suggest ways to built nature exposure into your routine (regardless of climate). 

Learn how to get more nature exposure in your everyday and discover Brain Wash today.

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